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27th April
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Premiership footballers to take gender tests Masculinity of well-known players questioned.

Britain closed indefinitely due to snow Light dusting shuts down whole country.

Car crime statistics stolen from minister's car Latest theft from Hazel Blears.

Mugabe banned from playing cricket in UK Tough action from Gordon Brown.

Call centres go on strike; robot overlords one step closer to domination Empty call centres prompt downfall of human race.

Ia splits from Serb in latest Balkan separation Just when you thought your country couldn't get any smaller...

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20th July 2007
DeadBrain has recovered from the shock of Boris Johnson running for mayor and would like to remind you of the Backing Boris website. You can also buy Boris products in our new Boris Johnson shop.

3rd July 2007
Tony Blair has a new website.

2nd April 2007
DeadBrain has released a statement regarding current court action it is involved in.
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