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26th April
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The Archive: February 2004

With a new crime-fighting agency, record obesity figures and 1,000 new spies, what could possibly be missing from February? Oh yes, WMD/BBC/Blair/Campbell stories. We had some of those, too.

As always, you can find a full list of the stories we published below:


United Nations fact inspectors to be sent into USA and UK New photo evidence of liquid on Mars Government in shock move to legalise cannibalism Government counterattack: Troops occupy Broadcasting House Blunkett promises to crush terrorists with new powers Downing Street drafts clarifications of Blair's statements on Iraq NHS to use understudies to lower costs, eliminate waiting lists Liberal Democrats to disrupt inquiry into Iraq's WMD Sceptics demand inquiry into Hutton Inquiry Alastair Campbell tipped to head new anti-crime agency Sad middle aged man in terror hoax Osama bin Laden 'traced' to luxury mansion in Beverly Hills Iain Duncan Smith to join cast of Teletubbies New Court of Public Opinion to be set up Bush nominated for Nobel Peace Prize, plus other Iraq award nominations Tories plan to cut branches and lower bar in metaphorical onslaught Diplomas for all proposed in major education shake-up Blair welcomes "genuine" sun-seeking EU migrants Joan Collins forms new anti-EU pop group Officials apologise for inflated obesity figures, blame Monty Python Obesity charging scheme set to be adopted throughout the UK Blair introduces compulsory drug testing in Cabinet DeadBrain's Oscars predictions for 2004 US military creates virtual Earth, finds terrorists, invades virtual France Blair: Unemployed migrants to stand in corner Housing hell for first time buyers Alastair Campbell denies responsibility for BBC fire alarm GCHQ translator unpunished for Iraq leak Blair: Bugging UN "essential" for safety of Britain First citizenship ceremonies sponsored by Daily Mail, get off to bad start Blunkett proposes to criminalise everything 1,000 new spies to be recruited in War on Public Opinion

Dubya's Week

Dubya's Week: Where are them WMDs? Dubya's Week: The War President Dubya's Week: Where's my President Cake? Dubya's Week: Bring it on! More from the President's journal

Dumbed Down

The Big Question: What should happen to the BBC? The Big Question: Should Lord Hutton be abolished?

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