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27th April
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The Archive: July 2004


New fast-track motorway lane for occupied vehicles announced Blair feared kidnapped, replaced by impostor Camelot to decimalise National Lottery White House reveals bin Laden plot against Democrats, orders "protective conscription" Red Cross delivers heavily-salted snacks to drought-stricken South Africa Flat Earth Society in talks to run new city academy Government to announce plans to ease shopping congestion Downing Street property bubble to burst? Lord Hutton "reasonably satisfied" with Butler Report Mysterious caped crusader and assistant to tackle UK crime Ryanair to phase out luggage, crew, landing gear in budget drive Prescott postpones referendums until he can win them Blair: Media misrepresented Iraq intelligence, not us Tories ponder bringing back Winston Churchill as leader New Tory split emerges over Churchill reappointment Bush "suddenly remembers" service in Vietnam

Dubya's Week

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