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19th April
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The Archive: April 2005


Monster Raving Loony Party 'targeted' as key Labour threat Clarence House issues clarification on Prince Charles's "bloody people" PopeWatch: Broadcasters pray for quick death PopeWatch: Fox call Pope PopeWatch: Bush nominates Jerry Falwell for Pope Robert Mugabe returned to power in Zimbabwe Legal challenge to prevent Pope's death fails PopeWatch: Tributes pour in PopeWatch: Fox News personally confirms the Pope's death New pope to be chosen by internet voting Election set for 5th May shock DeadBrain unveils skateboarding election reporters Exclusive: Royal wedding postponed again Blair expresses interest as Dr Who replacement Tories ask to be known as Labour Royal residences to be moved to secret location following latest security breach PopeWatch: John Paul II responsible for all good in world since 1978 Britons unite to witness and celebrate a happy event Blunkett accused in "Camillagate" love-triangle Deirdre and Ken Barlow to replace Charles and Camilla Cherie Blair to give birth to twins Country struggles to cope without MPs Tesco wages soar above 2 an hour Wales and Cornwall to merge, Isle of Bute may follow Blair launches election campaign for 2009 Michael Howard elected Pope Tesco launches deli counter for "aspirational hecklers" BNP launches manifesto promising abolition of ethnic minorities An open letter from Charles Kennedy Lib Dems remember about Iraq Greenpeace protestors scale John Prescott An open letter from Tony Blair


Rant: The Pope, Schiavo and other tediousness Rant: The return of the Queen?

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