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DeadBrain will, from time to time, write special features on a wide variety of topics. These will be added to the list below with complete irregularity.

The Tories
Now it's Michael Howard's turn. Can the man with "something of the night about him" do any better?

Battle for Survival
Could IDS reform the Tories and stay on as leader? Nope.

...and more.

War on Terror
The fight continues.

Silly Season
Serious news? You must be joking!

DeadBrain follows the asylum "crisis" in Britain.

Death of Dolly
News on the death of the first cloned sheep.

All the news from the incontinent.

Year in review: 2002
We look back on a year's worth of news.

Christmas 2002
Bah humbug to the lot of you.

Britain on Strike
We watch as the country downs tools and the tabloids go berserk.

Conference Season 2002
All the interesting bits from this year's party conferences.

The History of DeadBrain
A three-part series from Professor Douglas Ramsbottom.

World Cup 2002
Bringing football home with DeadBrain.

Budget 2002
DeadBrain pulls out at least one of the stops to explain the 2002 budget. Includes a handy Budget Calculator.

Tony Tracker
Follow the PM's progress around the world.

The EU
A brief and poorly-produced history.

Blair Aid
The musical event of the century.

Out of Africa
Take a look at Tony's snapshots.

New Year 2001/2002
Looking back with indifference.

Christmas 2001
Join in the festivities with our special yuletide section.

DeadBrain in Spain
A multi-page guide to what could be the laziest country in Europe.

Look at this, moron.

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