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  IDS: Battle for Survival

DeadBrain tracks events after Iain Duncan Smith loses his job as Conservative leader.

Latest articles
DeadBrain obtains discarded IDS political "thriller"
Conservatives replace balding, unelectable leader with balding, unelectable leader
Trick or treat with Michael Howard
Howard to stand as Tory leader after all
Entire Conservative Party rules itself out of leadership contest
Satirists mourn loss of Duncan Smith as Tory leader, figure of fun
In Brief: Tory leadership crisis - excitement mounts
Duncan Smith demands dry cleaning be returned by Wednesday
Duncan Smith victim of Conservative-Labour bidding war
Tory leader to give birth, have heart scare, go into space
Tory leader "has office", to be investigated
WHO moves to contain IDS outbreak in Blackpool
Newsreaders hospitalised after Duncan Smith promise
Tory leader calls for Kelly inquiry to be produced in cartoon form
Conservative leader to join Big Brother house
Trisha helps IDS in Conservative Party makeover
Conservative leader resigned several months ago
Tory "leader" demands right to lifelong non-anonymity
IDS "bad for health" claims report
IDS gets giggles while proclaiming confidence that Tories will win at next election
IDS - "a real threat to government"
New Tory information minister hails election victory
Tories deny open warfare; call in weapons inspectors
"Spoons save Tories", claim spin-doctors
Blair is crime baron, say Tories
First cloned politician born, says cult
BBC launches Walking with Conservatives
Tories make charity appeal
Spoof leader "damaging" party
Tory "leader" fined for not trying
IDS not to appear in Celeb Big Bro
Tories unite behind leader: We all think you're useless
IDS crisis statement: There is no crisis
Police foil IDS kidnap attempt
Newspaper prints "damaging" allegations about politician
Tory leader in greatest Briton disappointment
Duncan Smith announces solution to Northern Ireland problem
Tories not worth paper they're written on - students
Letwin proposes new policy crime
Tories plot rail sabotage
Disappointment at fascist Tory speech
Tories announce conference plans
Survey: Women are "terrified" of Labour

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