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  Howard's Way Out

DeadBrain's coverage of Michael Howard's turn at being Tory leader, including the following leadership election.

Cameron "goes Hip-Hop" in last-ditch popularity bid
Duncan Smith in come-back bid
Cameron to introduce National Service if elected
BREAKING NEWS: David Cameron slapped with ASBO
Kenneth Williams emerges as Tory front runner
Man who had no chance of winning Tory leadership decides not to bother
Boris Johnson formally announces Tory leadership candidacy
Support growing for Boris leadership bid
Tories to electorate: please bear with us
Davis: We must support Tory value of losing elections
Tories need more MPs like Theresa May, says Theresa May
Tories want their identity back
Tories to adopt "interim leader of the day"
Public reacts with excitement to Rifkind leadership dithering
Candidates for interim Tory leader begin to emerge
Tories set out post-election plans
Tories ask to be known as Labour
Exclusive: More secret Tory plans unveiled
Rant: Flight takes flight
Rant: Tories should know their history
Tories to introduce quotas for global human suffering
Kilroy quits to form own party in new country
Kilroy-Silk and Howard to unite, form Back and Forth Party
Howard backs plan for Conservative ID card
Boris Johnson sacked for failing to properly declare affair
Tories arguing again at last
Conservative Party apologises for Boris Johnson
Doctors tell Tories: We will not resuscitate
Tories to target apathy vote
Howard backs Tory strategy of losing by-elections
New Tory split emerges over Churchill reappointment
Tories ponder bringing back Winston Churchill as leader
Code-breakers tackle Howard's "I believe" document
Tories cleared of improperly employing IDS as leader
Hundreds physically sick during Howard speech
Tories plan to cut branches and lower bar in metaphorical onslaught
Iain Duncan Smith to join cast of Teletubbies
Michael Howard to have cosmetic surgery
Conservative leader auditions for rock group "The Darkness"
Country in total Tory denial
Tories sack HQ in further reshuffle
Howard plans further downsizing of Tory Party
BBC to sue Howard over alleged Dr Who rip-off
Howard appoints Council of Elders, Sheriff of Nottingham
Conservatives replace balding, unelectable leader with balding, unelectable leader
Howard to introduce uniforms for Tory MPs if elected
Fiennes to be approached to seek Tory leadership
Trick or treat with Michael Howard
Howard to stand as Tory leader after all
Entire Conservative Party rules itself out of leadership contest
Satirists mourn loss of Duncan Smith as Tory leader, figure of fun
In Brief: Tory leadership crisis - excitement mounts

Previous leaders

Iain Duncan Smith

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