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25th April
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Premiership footballers to take gender tests
Masculinity of well-known players questioned.

Britain closed indefinitely due to snow
Light dusting shuts down whole country.

Car crime statistics stolen from minister's car
Latest theft from Hazel Blears.

Mugabe banned from playing cricket in UK
Tough action from Gordon Brown.

Call centres go on strike; robot overlords one step closer to domination
Empty call centres prompt downfall of human race.

Ia splits from Serb in latest Balkan separation
Just when you thought your country couldn't get any smaller...

Record number of people 'forget who Pete Doherty is'
Urgent action needed.

Immigrant: Does the jobs you hate
New report into immigration.

American writers strike turns nasty
Writers attacked for accidentally being funny.

Millennium Goals 'pushed back until next one'
Initial targets too ambitious.

Thousands inconvenienced as trains operate normally
Delays, overcrowding and a nasty smell.

New Year celebrations too risky, says Government
Better to stay indoors and go to bed early.

Canada seizes North Pole
Mission accomplished.

Allegations of fidelity and sobriety mar Lib Dem leadership contest
Contenders not fit to lead.

Met police 'thought de Menezes was Pete Doherty'
Mistaken identity saves talentless twit from long arm of law once again.

'Lack of decent excuse' to blame for Home Secretary keeping quiet
Needed time to think one up.

Bush: Pakistan may join the "Axle of Evil"
Musharraf not answering calls.

Iran imprisons Dumbledore
Gays? What gays?

News channels scramble to cover Campbell resignation
Sky News deploys helicopter to nursing home.

Ming Campbell quits after long health battle
Ineffectiveness takes another career.

McCanns accused over Northern Rock queuing crisis
Geordie police to request couple's extradition to Newcastle.

Brighton Rock in crisis
Brighton Rock faces liquidation.

Patients banned from hospitals on health grounds
Government says they spread infection.

Nine million dead as agencies battle for splash
Inaccuracies cause chaos.

UN deadlock on Amy Winehouse crisis
Members fail to agree.

Prescott "could be replaced by bucket of lard"
Search is on to replace former Deputy PM.

Government to combat Hull, Tewkesbury flood risk with new Thames barrier
Radical new action plan announced.

Exclusive: Disastrous flooding could happen again, sometime
DeadBrain talks to leading scientist.

Government in tough crackdown on binge-raining
Nanny knows best.

Jedi knight demands right to carry laser weapon in school
Religious rights take a turn for the intergalactic.

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