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  SBS in Afghanistan
In its continuing efforts in the war against terrorism, the government has ordered around 100 soldiers from the SBS into Afghanistan. It has been widely reported in the media that the soldiers are from the Special Boat Service, but since Afghanistan has no sea borders and very little water anyway, DeadBrain doubted this information from the start. So, after hours of extensive research involving lots of books and a Camel Washer called Mohammed, DeadBrain has uncovered the truth...

DeadBrain can reveal that the men are actually from the Special Beard Service and were sent in following the liberation of Kabul by the John Simpson Alliance last week. US intelligence, which until recently was thought to have been permanently lost somewhere in Alaska, reported the presence of "bearded terrorists" near the capital.

Our team of military barbers in the SBS were immediately deployed to "sort out a hairy situation". It has been emphasised, however, that the troops were not put at any unnecessary risk, and were even issued with "plastic safety scissors", just to be on the safe side.

Simon says look at this...

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