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 UK issues travel warnings
The government issued new travel warnings yesterday in the wake of the Bali terrorist attack. Speaking to the House of Commons, Foreign Secretary Jack Straw told MPs that it was "no longer safe" to travel to some destinations in the UK.

"The state of our rail network and the impending fire-fighters strike means that it simply is not safe for British citizens to travel around the country," he said. "I cannot give specific details of why we are issuing these warnings, other to say that new intelligence was acquired this morning."

According to sources close to Mr Straw, intelligence was discovered inside the Foreign Office after several new members of staff were hired, and could relate to the infamous al Railtrack terrorist group. Security analyst Gregory T Mullet told DeadBrain that a similar phenomenon was experienced at the White House in 2000. "We noticed a significant drop in intelligence when President Bush came to power," he explained. "It's quite worrying - levels still haven't recovered."

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