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Dolly the Sheep - 1997-2003

World mourns death of first cloned sheep
The world is in mourning tonight after it was announced that the Dolly the sheep has died. Respected BBC newscaster Peter Sissons, who recently retired, was brought in to read the following announcement to the nation this afternoon: "This is the BBC. Buckingham Palace has announced that Dolly the sheep has died peacefully in her sleep after being given a lethal injection." Normal programming was cancelled for the rest of the day while the announcement was repeated, with little new information added. By the evening it was clear that Dolly was still dead.

Politicians have been quick to pay tribute to Dolly, who was the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell. The Prime Minister, Tony Blair, called her a symbol of Britain's "wool and lamb chops", while the Conservative "leader", Iain Duncan Smith, spoke of his "shock and anguish" at Dolly's death.

The public have also been honouring Dolly in public displays of affection. Hundreds of bouquets of flowers have already been laid outside Buckingham Palace and other royal residences on a scale not seen since the Queen Mother died last year.

Royal commentator Sir Douglas Ramsbottom told DeadBrain that Dolly was the first "truly royal" sheep. "Dolly's position within the royal family was unprecedented," he said. "She was, perhaps, the first truly royal sheep and I am in no doubt that she will be sorely missed by the Windsors in particular Prince Charles, who has always shown a great affection for sheep."

A spokesman for Buckingham Palace said that a period of family mourning will now take place before Dolly's coffin is moved to Westminster Hall so that the public can pay their respects. A full ceremonial funeral will then follow.

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