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Dubya's War

U.S. bombs BBC World Affairs Editor
Millions of BBC News viewers and listeners throughout the world have reacted with outrage this morning to the news that a US plane has bombed the Corporation's World Affairs Editor, John Simpson. Mr Simpson received what was described as "minor" injuries shrapnel wounds in his leg and a bleeding eardrum and is to continue working. He was travelling with a joint US-Kurd convoy, of which at least 10 people were also killed.

Speaking live on BBC News 24 shortly after the attack he described "a scene from hell". A US medic tried to treat him while he was on air but he declined. He later apologised for being "excitable" as his eardrum was bleeding.

Mr Simpson is regarded as something of a god among his legions of fans, who are inevitably upset by the attack. One of them, DeadBrain's editor Douglas Ramsbottom, has been saying the word "bastards" repeatedly for the last hour and may now need something to calm him down.

Under Article 48 of the Geneva Convention, which all sides have agreed to, it is illegal to deliberately bomb the BBC's World Affairs Editor. The US Air Force has yet to comment officially on the bombing, but a source high in the chain of command told DeadBrain that they did not deliberately target John Simpson. "We were aiming for the Kurdish convoy travelling south towards our forces," he said, adding: "What, they're on our side? Shit."

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