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Dubya's War

Iraq information minister to release single
Iraq's now infamous information minister, Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, is to release a single, he announced last night. Speaking at what may have been his final press conference, he told journalists that he would release the single, a cover of the Dad's Army theme tune, as a final act of defiance against invading Coalition forces.

Today, however, the minister failed to give his usual briefing. A spokesman for his record company, Saddam Records, said that Mr Saeed al-Sahaf was busy doing promotional work and making last-minute changes to his new album from the safety of his secret underground bunker.

British espionage meanwhile picked up a secret transmission of the lyrics, which are as follows:

Who do you think you are kidding Mr Bush,
If you think we're on the run?
We are the boys who will stop your little game.
We are the boys who will make you think again.
'Cos who do you think you are kidding Mr Bush,
If you think old Iraq's done?

Mr Saddam goes off to town
On the 8:21.
But he comes home each evening
And he's ready with his weapons of mass destruction.

So watch out Mr Bush
You have met your match in us.
If you think you can find us
We're afraid you've missed the bus.

'Cos who do you think you are kidding Mr. Bush,
If you think old Iraq's done?

The single will be available in all structurally-sound record shops in Iraq from Monday.

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