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  The Royals
Prince Charles linked to Hamiltons in new allegations
Shocking new allegations have tonight surfaced about the official Prince Charles, Prince Charles. Further to last week's allegations, which cannot be published for legal reasons, Charles has now been sensationally linked with former Tory MP Neil Hamilton and his wife Christine after an undercover investigation by a DeadBrain reporter, who is now receiving counselling. No injunction has been served to stop publication of the allegations, but DeadBrain will not be publishing them on the grounds of taste and decency.

We can, however, show how Prince Charles is linked to the Hamiltons:


Daily Mail rent-a-rant Linda Lee Potted Plant was only too happy to comment. "I haven't been told what the allegations against Charles are, thank God, but from that diagram alone I can tell that he's as guilty as sin," she told DeadBrain, foaming slightly at the mouth. "I can also exclusively reveal the link between Charles, the Hamiltons and asylum seekers, for which I believe they should all..."

Neither Clarence House nor the Hamiltons' house, a bedsit in East London, have commented on the allegations, but it is believed that Christine Hamilton has already started a bidding war between the Mirror, the Daily Mail and BBC Three.

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