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  London 2012

"Bogeys" to feature as Olympic sport in 2012

The IOC today announced its decision to grant Olympic status to the game of "bogeys", made famous by the BBC's very own cheeky chappies, Dick and Dom. With Rugby Union snubbed by officials yet again the news has caught many British Olympic Committee members off-guard, not least Lord Coe.

"I'm delighted by this news," said the surprised former gold medallist, "although it's a bit of a shock! I've enjoyed many games of bogeys in my time so it'll be great to see some true professionals showing us how it should really be done at London 2012."

The game of "bogeys" has enjoyed a recent upsurge in popularity - largely due to early Saturday morning show "In Da Bungalow" featuring Dick and Dom. The game involves two players who, once in a public place, take turns to say the word "bogeys". Each player must in turn be louder than the other until eventually the loudest player wins.

"It's such a simple game," said a delighted Dom, "every culture has a version of it you just need to insert your own rude word." Asked if he and co-presenter Dick would be representing Great Britain in seven years time, Dom replied: "Well we'll both be in our thirties by then but never say never!"

The race is now on to find a suitable venue for the event, with the Palace of Wesminster a favourite. "We're holding archery at Lords so why not have bogeys in the House of Lords?" asked Lord Coe. "I've had many a good game of bogeys in the chamber myself, but Baroness Thatcher always beats me."

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