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18th April
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Judge judges judge innocent in train flashing case

One of Britain's most senior judges has been cleared by one of Britain's most senior judges of exposing himself twice to a woman on packed commuter trains.

Sir Stephen Richards, 56, of Wimbledon, South-West London, was accused of flashing at the same woman on trains in the area on 16 and 24 October.

But the Court of Appeals judge told magistrates the allegations were a case of mistaken identity, as photographs of the judge "could have been any 56 year old judge by the name of Sir Stephen Richards".

City of Westminster magistrates said the evidence to identify Sir Stephen was insufficient, as the victim photographing him twice on separate occasions, following him from the train to his place of work, and seeing his cock on a packed train, were all inadmissible in the court of Senior District Judge Timothy Workman, who will now not have to find a new golf partner.

Judge Workman blamed British Transport Police for "failing to investigate and identify someone who wasn't a judge".

"Had they done so, we would never have been in this unfortunate position," he said.

Sir Stephen was cleared by his fellow judge after being identified in a video identity parade after demonstrating that it was impossible to extract one's penis through the front of a pair of underpants with a slot designed to extract one's penis.

Judge Workman conceded that the female victim had told "nothing but the truth" in court, but insisted that "we can't go around locking up judges for minor sexual offences. The courts would grind to a halt, making a mockery of the British justice system".
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