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Satire about Boris Johnson

DeadBrain watches from a safe distance as the spoof Conservative MP for Henley-on-Thames, Boris Johnson, goes about his business.

Britain closed indefinitely due to snow
Call centres go on strike; robot overlords one step closer to domination
Millennium Goals 'pushed back until next one'
Iran imprisons Dumbledore
Prescott "could be replaced by bucket of lard"
Exclusive: Disastrous flooding could happen again, sometime
Widespread unbridled joy at prospect of Boris running for mayor
Diana crash to be turned into musical and TV show
Police create crime wave to meet arrest quota
Concern grows for Jeremy Vine's health following BBC election coverage
'Mayhem' as Boris Johnson fashion line debuts at BHS
A statement regarding current court action involving DeadBrain
Blair to launch 'Blair Foundation' cosmetics range
New Year cancelled due to bad weather
MPs investigated over dining rooms misuse
Cameron: "BHS is safe in my hands"
Boris Johnson assaults Jamie Oliver in eating frenzy
Labour deputy leadership: the challengers so far
Boris Johnson is latest candidate for Labour deputy leader
Boris Johnson forced to apologise again
Iain Duncan Smith named 'greatest ever Briton'
Gordon Brown wins 'Best Supporting' Oscar
Cameron wins over Labour voters
SPECIAL COVERAGE: How Britain is coping with snow
Duncan Smith in come-back bid
Man who had no chance of winning Tory leadership decides not to bother
Boris Johnson formally announces Tory leadership candidacy
Support growing for Boris leadership bid
DeadBrain obtains government's plans for heat wave
Election Match Report
Candidates for interim Tory leader begin to emerge
Tories set out post-election plans
Tories ask to be known as Labour
PopeWatch: Tributes pour in
Kilroy quits to form own party in new country
Gordon Brown and Blair's legacy
DeadBrain's predictions for 2005
Boris Johnson sacked for failing to properly declare affair
Comment: Why Boris Johnson could bring world peace
Conservative Party apologises for Boris Johnson
Piers Morgan sacked, Mirror execs admit he was fake
EXCLUSIVE: New House of Commons spying scandal uncovered
The Big Question: Should Lord Hutton be abolished?
The Big Question: What should happen to the BBC?
Hutton Report: Boris Johnson cleared of wrongdoing
The Big Question: Is Boris Johnson the Messiah?

Simon says look at this...

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