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Satire about Charles Kennedy

The latest satire from DeadBrain about Charles Kennedy, the leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Ming Campbell quits after long health battle
Rumours circulate about Brown's "government of all the talents"
New Year cancelled due to bad weather
Blair 'offered to resign' in exchange for US$500,000
Gordon Brown wins 'Best Supporting' Oscar
Exclusive: New revelations of undesirables working in schools
Exclusive: First Lib Dem reveals plan to stand for leadership
Kennedy admits to "leadership problem"
Kennedy on the rocks, announces leadership contest
"John Prescott ate my Elephant!"
Blair to ban drinking in pubs, voting Conservative
DeadBrain obtains government's plans for heat wave
Party leaders vote - shock
Howard promises to improve the weather
Lib Dems remember about Iraq
An open letter from Charles Kennedy
Blair launches election campaign for 2009
Cherie Blair to give birth to twins
Tories ask to be known as Labour
Blair confirmed as toughest on terror
Kilroy-Silk and Howard to unite, form Back and Forth Party
Analytical rant: Conference season 2004
Newspapers "hoaxed" by 45-minute claim
Referendum to go ahead, say sources
Calls for referendum on referendum on EU constitution
Liberal Democrats to disrupt inquiry into Iraq's WMD
Michael Howard to have cosmetic surgery

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