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Satire about David Blunkett

DeadBrain tracks the Home Secretary, David Blunkett, as he cracks down on everyone and everything to prove he's just as hard as Michael Howard was.

Brown announces "generous" aid package for flood victims
Blair: "I've been a wonderful Prime Minister"
A statement regarding current court action involving DeadBrain
New Home Secretary resigns after 37 minutes
Blair to launch 'Blair Foundation' cosmetics range
Blunkett: 'I didn't see dodgy dossier'
Parents warned over extremist behaviour by Home Secretaries
Government criticised as Charles Clarke released without deportation
"Two Birds" Prescott admits affair wife and mistress both 'crushed'
Gordon Brown wins 'Best Supporting' Oscar
Iraq all God's fault says Blair
Blair tables surprise "beating and poking" terror amendment
BREAKING NEWS: Blair bans Clarke, Blunkett reinstated
Bird flu could kill 2 million, solve pension crisis Blunkett
Quotes from Labour conference speeches we didn't get to hear
DeadBrain obtains secret government plans to invade "democracy deserts"
Rant: While the Prime Minister's away...
How a crippled childhood gave rise to an authoritarian monster
Tories ask to be known as Labour
Exclusive: Blunkett to join Tories
DeadBrain's predictions for 2005
The DeadBrain Review of the Year 2004
Blunkett launches new Visa Fast-Track credit card
Rant: Blunkett's resignation and the flying biography
Howard backs plan for Conservative ID card
Rant: Remember paedophiles?
Blunkett: Alien lizards want me gone
Tories ponder bringing back Winston Churchill as leader
Humberside Police Chief declines new role as Chief Scapegoat
Big Brother contestants "to be deported" to Portugal
Government quietly lowers its performance standards
UK troop deployment not related to election; Pope's religion questioned
UK bans condoms after Blair attack
Government IDea card pilot begins today
Entire British prison population released by accident
Royal Family to be vetted in security drive
How ID cards would stop a terrorist attack
Bootle man calls for protest against "British FBI" plan
Blunkett slams compensation culture
Blunkett tells Bush to "let my people go"
Hutton to conduct inquiry into Clare Short
Blunkett proposes to criminalise everything
Blair: Unemployed migrants to stand in corner
Blair introduces compulsory drug testing in Cabinet
Bush nominated for Nobel Peace Prize, plus other Iraq award nominations
New Court of Public Opinion to be set up
Alastair Campbell tipped to head new anti-crime agency
Blunkett promises to crush terrorists with new powers
Blunkett undergoes surgery to enlarge top of head

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