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Satire about George W Bush

The latest satire from DeadBrain about the world's most powerful man, US President George W Bush.

Bush: Pakistan may join the "Axle of Evil"
UN deadlock on Amy Winehouse crisis
Colonoscopy reveals Bush's brain
Libbygate: Bush to solve entire UK prison population crisis
Giuliani vows to banish Democrats "to hell"
Bush names Barney Attorney General
Baghdad cat gets stuck up tree
Ahmadinejad: Cultural Learnings of Britain for make benefit glorious nation of Iran
Democrats propose "cap and trade" scheme for Iraq troop levels
Blair's Plan B to save the world
Six arrested on suspicion of "being frightening"
Labour deputy leadership: the challengers so far
Huge disappointment as Bush assassination revealed to be a hoax
Conflict eases: IDF issues safety advice to Lebanon civilians
US names Mel Gibson as Middle East envoy
Israel offers "five minute" ceasefire in Lebanon
World leaders talk about food, spurs and jumpers
US declares war on suicidals after Guantanamo Bay deaths
DeadBrain Exclusive: Bush's reply to Ahmadinejad letter
Bird Flu: Terrorist link proven "without a doubt"
DeadBrain exclusive: Prince Charles's diary revealed
Guantanamo to close, be replaced by Disneyland Cuba
BREAKING NEWS: Washington at standstill during Cheney and Rumsfeld gun battle
DeadBrain Exclusive: the full transcript of the Bush-Blair secret conversation
America on red alert at approach of red planet
In Brief: Voices 'drove Bush to it'
Home Secretary to promise crackdown on rowdy seniors
DeadBrain Exclusive: Downing Street tea-lady's uncensored diary revealed
UN forces land in Weston-Super-Mare
'Black is black': Zimbabwe pledges to save the United States
Bush declares war on al Katrina
Beagle 2 space probe found on White House lawn
Bush launches Invasion Idol competition
Bush appoints Mr Pastry as UN envoy
Government considers replacing British Summer Time with Internet Time
NASA issues assurance of shuttle safety after window cover falls off
Mayhem in USA as Ten Commandments rescinded
US Marines surround Bethnal Green
Howard promises to improve the weather
Lib Dems remember about Iraq
Blair expresses interest as Dr Who replacement
PopeWatch: Fox News personally confirms the Pope's death
PopeWatch: Tributes pour in
PopeWatch: Bush nominates Jerry Falwell for Pope
MI6 wins, JIC loses in intelligence shake-up
Dubya's Letters: Waiting for the wedding invitation
Prince Harry Potter to marry Jenna Bush
US to search for WMDs in Iraq
Dubya's Letters: A shining hill, a hundred points of light
Axis of Evil replaced by Outposts of Tyranny
Bush to announce development of super superjumbo jet
Bush announces manned flight to Neptune
B-Man to go to Iraq to look for Saddam's WMDs
Dubya's Christmas Message: Herbie and Aubrey
Shock Pentagon revelation: Rumsfeld is a robot
Northern Ireland power-sharing talks collapse yet again, again
Dubya's Week: Igloos and Spies but not Kim Basinger
Dubya's Week: Mrs I's Narrow Escape
Dubya's Week: A Huge Gin and Peanuts
Dubya's Week: The President has ambrosia
Bush to dispense with Cabinet, hire God
Dubya's Week: Catwoman, chocolate and four more years
Dubya's Week: George and the ferocious three feet tall Genghis Khan
Dubya's Week: The Margarine of Terror and Donald Rumsfeld's Tutu
Hoon asks Iraqis not to shoot back
Dubya's Week: The Enormous Singing Tex Ritter Statue With Revolving Restaurant
Lord Hutton to withdraw report, apologise to BBC
Dubya's Week: Hair and teeth
US to invade Greenland to remove threat from lack of WMD
Dubya's Week: The Voices from Beyond, or maybe Arizona
Dubya's Week: Joker George and the International Teeth of Terror
Comical Ali implicated in Allawi speech
Dubya's Week: The president's world-famous erection
Dubya's Week: The secret strategy and the general's hat
Records suggest Bush failed kindergarten
Landed aristocracy to abandon UK
Dubya's Week: The quiet screams of Donald Rumsfeld
Dubya's Week: George versus the Axis of Insultation
Choppers for Honesty to take on Swift Boats for Truth
Bin Laden's driver charged with terror traffic offences
Dubya's Week: The many colours of Donald Rumsfeld
Dubya's Week: The Curious Case of the Wayward Whistle
Ridge raises terror alert to red, issues Pacman warning
Dubya's Week: George and the Amazing Technicolour Commander-in-Chief Suit
Dubya's Week: The Squirrels of Terror and the Presidential Nuts
Bush "suddenly remembers" service in Vietnam
Dubya's Week: George and the Amazing Brain Machine
Dubya's Week: The Twins of Mass Distraction
Dubya's Week: Oddjob and the Birthday Cake of Terror
White House reveals bin Laden plot against Democrats, orders "protective conscription"
Dubya's Week: Remember the Armadillo!
Bush wears vest - world in shock
Dubya's Week: The mystery of the Jessica Molinsky pages
Exclusive: Tape casts doubt on Bush's "no torture" claims
Bush declassifies personal shopping list, proves did not order torture
Dubya's Week: Let loose the squirrels of war
Dubya's Week: Whatever became of Doris Day?
Rumsfeld orders correction to terrorist statistics correction
Dubya's Week: Attack of the Robocop Kangaroos
Bush vows decisive action against freedom-hating meteor
New Iraq puppet government: Sooty in charge
Dubya's Week: Breaking the secrets of Ashcroft's grocery list
Dubya's Week: Why won't they tell me anything?
Dubya's Week: Worms, haggis, and camouflaged underwear
Dubya's Week: Making Rumsfeld sweat
Mirror photo "a mish mash of arse pixels", possibly fake
Dubya's Week: The Commission
Qatar lodges official complaint about Fox News bias
Downing Street rejects diplomats' challenge, casts suspicion on BBC
Plans for new Bush statue to replace Saddam ruin in Baghdad
Dubya's Week: Waiting for Jordo
Photos of President Bush banned "to protect relatives"
Secret US plan to turn Iraq over to Halliburton uncovered
Dubya's Week: Still no free toaster
Saddam Hussein promises Iraq truce in return for release
Blair orders declassification of WMD briefing document
US "informed of Beckham text threat" a month before 9/11
Pentagon hires Comical Ali to head Iraq PR
US to withdraw from Iraq, start again
Dubya's Week: Don't mention the tank!
White House damaged in Rice - Anti-Rice explosion
Dubya's Week: A conspirassy unmasked?
Dubya's Week: The president gets marinated
Budget 2004: The reviews
Budget 2004: The reviews
Budget 2004: the reviews
Budget 2004: The reviews
US to occupy newly-discovered planet
Dubya's Week: Desperately seeking Chad
Bush sweeps Florida after recount in Democrat primary
Blunkett tells Bush to "let my people go"
Dubya's Week: Who ate the Super Tuesday pancakes?
Blair briefly hospitalised after spontaneously combusting
Dubya's Week: Bring it on!
US military creates virtual Earth, finds terrorists, invades virtual France
DeadBrain's Oscars predictions for 2004
Dubya's Week: Where's my President Cake?
Dubya's Week: The War President
Bush nominated for Nobel Peace Prize, plus other Iraq award nominations
Osama bin Laden 'traced' to luxury mansion in Beverly Hills
Dubya's Week: Where are them WMDs?
Downing Street drafts clarifications of Blair's statements on Iraq
United Nations fact inspectors to be sent into USA and UK
Dubya's Week: A Sea of Troubles
Downing Street to deny pressuring Hutton to "sex up" report
Hutton Inquiry rules on BBC "propaganda"
Dubya's Week: State of the Union
Iain Duncan Smith offers Blair "ousting" counselling
The Big Question: Is there life on Mars?
Dubya's Week: Mars or bust
Bush orders military occupation of the moon
"Royal" terror cell was active in Yorkshire, says US
Bush orders pre-emptive strike against Yorkshire
Blair eaten for breakfast by Frost
Dubya's Week: Blame the terrorists
Bush congratulates scientists, makes own Mars discovery
US to require urine samples from visitors
More flights cancelled as terror fears grow
US probe lands on Mars, begins search for WMD

Look at this, moron.

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