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Satire about Menzies Campbell

Allegations of fidelity and sobriety mar Lib Dem leadership contest
News channels scramble to cover Campbell resignation
Ming Campbell quits after long health battle
Concern grows for Jeremy Vine's health following BBC election coverage
New Year cancelled due to bad weather
MPs investigated over dining rooms misuse
Blair found guilty in cash-for-peerages, mysteriously let off
High steaks in race to create first human/cow hybrid
Parliamentary League 2006-7: Transfer news and pre-season previews
Blair 'offered to resign' in exchange for US$500,000
Cameron on hoodies: Am I Bovvered?
Government to stop treating paedophiles with kid gloves
Police to arrest all babies born on 6/6/06 under suspicion of being the Anti-Christ
Special Offer: Free crack with every ASBO

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