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Satire about Tony Blair

The latest satire from DeadBrain about Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister and leader of the Labour Party.

Colonoscopy reveals Bush's brain
Water shortage latest
BBC admits to more faking it
Widespread unbridled joy at prospect of Boris running for mayor
Blair: "I've been a wonderful Prime Minister"
Blair: SNP are insurgency
Concern grows for Jeremy Vine's health following BBC election coverage
Army to build "security wall" around Hugh Grant
Browne signs serialisation deal with Telegraph after 'harrowing' week
Ahmadinejad: Cultural Learnings of Britain for make benefit glorious nation of Iran
Compulsory passport interviews: sample questionnaire revealed
Government confirms 200 trillion pounds expenditure for giant fly swatters
Prescott finally fired for not screwing up
Cash-for-honours probe "jeopardising" bird flu crisis plan
Blair to quit "no later than" 2047
Kidnapped chancellor "free to come and go"
Blair to launch 'Blair Foundation' cosmetics range
New Year cancelled due to bad weather
Downing Street denies Blair's TV "Pope a Catholic" admission
Blair found guilty in cash-for-peerages, mysteriously let off
Blair's Plan B to save the world
High steaks in race to create first human/cow hybrid
Speaker bans Cameron from asking Blair questions
Blair medical records leaked in NHS database security fiasco
House of Lords to be reformed into apa for Cabinet ministers
Labour peace shattered as Blair complains of Chancellor's "intolerable DIY"
Controversy over British women's right to wear "the trousers"
Blair uses tough interviews to reaffirm Iraq commitment
Africa arrives in London after Madonna adoption
Straw veil row deepens with Cherie Blair remarks
Downing Street on truth serum alert
Cameron: "BHS is safe in my hands"
Two drown in flood of tears at Blair farewell speech
Pundits' relief at Blair cliché overload
Parents warned over extremist behaviour by Home Secretaries
Six arrested on suspicion of "being frightening"
Labour deputy leadership: the challengers so far
Labour tensions explode again as Brown plants 11ft leylandii hedge
Boris Johnson forced to apologise again
Blair asks Lebanon to send peacekeepers into Labour Party
Exclusive: Blair-Brown fight blamed on stolen toy car
Sales sluggish for Blair farewell tour
Parliamentary League 2006-7: Transfer news and pre-season previews
Huge disappointment as Bush assassination revealed to be a hoax
Blair 'offered to resign' in exchange for US$500,000
UK security level downgraded from really-quite-scary to mildly frightening
Iraq war suffers summer slump as ratings 'bomb'
Conflict eases: IDF issues safety advice to Lebanon civilians
"Spanking" to be introduced to British legal system
Government to enforce happiness orders
UK adopts doctrine of disproportionality in domestic affairs
Israel offers "five minute" ceasefire in Lebanon
John Prescott 'is melting'
World leaders talk about food, spurs and jumpers
Lebanon crisis worsens as Lord Levy fails to act
No-cost peerages to be granted to all UK residents
Brown challenged for leadership
'Cash-for-sudoku-gate' crisis worsens
Exclusive: New government terror threat levels leaked
"Yes, Deputy Prime Minister" series slammed as "preposterous"
Salmonella found in Cadbury's Cream Eggs
US declares war on suicidals after Guantanamo Bay deaths
Police to arrest all babies born on 6/6/06 under suspicion of being the Anti-Christ
New calls for Prescott resignation over 'sleep' allegations
Special Offer: Free crack with every ASBO
Sven asks Boris to take Rooney's place in England squad
Best year ever for absolutely everything, boasts No. 10
Missing ex-prisoners: Government threatens to sue Microsoft
Bird Flu: Troops to secure, seal off Norfolk
Government criticised as Charles Clarke released without deportation
Blair defends huge GP salaries - all doctors to be offered peerages
Harry Potter and the Curse of the Student Loan
Bird Flu: Government announces nationwide cull of birds
Bird Flu: Terrorist link proven "without a doubt"
Government urges no panic over bird flu; panic spreads
Bird Flu: Cabinet go into hiding
BREAKING NEWS: Blair is first arrest as Britain's new 'FBI' is launched
Blair introduces honours for all scheme
Storm of public outrage as cost of air soars again
Gordon Brown wins 'Best Supporting' Oscar
Iraq all God's fault says Blair
Campbell announces Lib Dem leadership rota
DeadBrain exclusive: Prince Charles's diary revealed
Saddam Hussein re-instated as President of Iraq
Hutton on incapacity: "No more excuses"
Teachers to run big businesses, Blair announces
Blair denies Britain is a police state
Breaking News: Gordon Brown evicted from Number 11
Blair threatens evictions in 'Respect' plan
Galloway agent denies client has publicity addiction
Geldof "disappearing up own arse"
Blair unveils his 2006 New Year Resolutions
"John Prescott ate my Elephant!"
BREAKING NEWS: John Prescott 'stolen', say police
P.M. to K.O. U.K. acronyms A.S.A.P.
George Orwell estate to sue Government over breach of copyright
DeadBrain Exclusive: the full transcript of the Bush-Blair secret conversation
Terrorist suspects to be held in isolation in the Big Brother House
Blair announces solutions to everything
Blair tables surprise "beating and poking" terror amendment
BREAKING NEWS: Blair bans Clarke, Blunkett reinstated
Duncan Smith in come-back bid
Reports of 'debate' in Cabinet denied
BREAKING NEWS: David Cameron slapped with ASBO
Prescott to be recycled to save environment
Home Secretary to promise crackdown on rowdy seniors
Quotes from Labour conference speeches we didn't get to hear
BREAKING NEWS: Cherie Blair barricaded in 10 Downing Street
DeadBrain Exclusive: Downing Street tea-lady's uncensored diary revealed
UN forces land in Weston-Super-Mare
DeadBrain obtains secret government plans to invade "democracy deserts"
Prescott 'seconds away' from nuclear strike on France
Rant: While the Prime Minister's away...
France claims victory in Trafalgar re-enactment, demands control of UK
Plans for alternative delivery of Royal Family functions revealed
Blair talks sense: Europe gets angry
God to step down - official
Election Match Report
US Marines surround Bethnal Green
Candidates for interim Tory leader begin to emerge
Party leaders vote - shock
Howard promises to improve the weather
Lib Dems remember about Iraq
An open letter from Charles Kennedy
Tesco launches deli counter for "aspirational hecklers"
Michael Howard elected Pope
Blair launches election campaign for 2009
Wales and Cornwall to merge, Isle of Bute may follow
Cherie Blair to give birth to twins
Tories ask to be known as Labour
Blair expresses interest as Dr Who replacement
Election set for 5th May – shock
PopeWatch: Tributes pour in
Clarence House issues clarification on Prince Charles's "bloody people"
Politicians and Turkey Twizzlers upstaged in new school dinners row
MI6 wins, JIC loses in intelligence shake-up
Tony Blair launches self-help book
Companies in bidding war over Royal Blessing rights
SuperDaleks set to bring the world to an end
Dumbed Down: Live coverage of the Budget
Dumbed Down: That anti-terror legislation in brief
Blair confirmed as toughest on terror
Rant: Why Bono should run the World Bank
"Several hundred" terrorists plotting to be put under house arrest
The Wedding: Lord Falconer clarifies clarification
Axis of Evil replaced by Outposts of Tyranny
Bush to announce development of super superjumbo jet
Kilroy-Silk and Howard to unite, form Back and Forth Party
B-Man to go to Iraq to look for Saddam's WMDs
Gordon Brown and Blair's legacy
Northern Ireland power-sharing talks collapse yet again, again
Lord Hutton to withdraw report, apologise to BBC
Scandal of British immigrant shuttled around Africa
Milburn given new job annoying Gordon Brown, finding work for Milburn
Bush "suddenly remembers" service in Vietnam
Blair: Media misrepresented Iraq intelligence, not us
Mysterious caped crusader and assistant to tackle UK crime
Lord Hutton "reasonably satisfied" with Butler Report
Downing Street property bubble to burst?
Red Cross delivers heavily-salted snacks to drought-stricken South Africa
Blair feared kidnapped, replaced by impostor
Government to blast doctors for not reporting errors
Bush wears vest - world in shock
Rumsfeld orders correction to terrorist statistics correction
MoD considers adequate equipment supply for British troops
UK troop deployment not related to election; Pope's religion questioned
UK bans condoms after Blair attack
Code-breakers tackle Howard's "I believe" document
Blair to host new ITV chat show
Mirror: Is the British Army a fake?
Mirror newspaper "could be fake"
Mirror photo "a mish mash of arse pixels", possibly fake
Downing Street rejects diplomats' challenge, casts suspicion on BBC
Daily Express switches support to BNP, Labour to lose election
Blair in straight question, straight answer challenge
Secret US plan to turn Iraq over to Halliburton uncovered
Referendum to go ahead, say sources
Second face on Turin Shroud "clearly" Tony Blair
Blair orders declassification of WMD briefing document
US "informed of Beckham text threat" a month before 9/11
US to withdraw from Iraq, start again
Calls for referendum on referendum on EU constitution
Clare Short believed to be cornered by special force
Budget 2004: The reviews
Budget 2004: The reviews
Budget 2004: the reviews
Budget 2004: The reviews
New tape shows truth about Blair and Caplin
Lords in loo lock-in over reform proposals
GM gets go-ahead; UK to be eaten by giant plant by Monday
Hundreds physically sick during Howard speech
Blair briefly hospitalised after spontaneously combusting
Hutton to conduct inquiry into Clare Short
Blairs to star in new "public information" soap opera
Blair in outburst on live television
Letter: I gave homeless Blair my last 10p
Dubya's Week: Bring it on!
First citizenship ceremonies sponsored by Daily Mail, get off to bad start
Blair: Bugging UN "essential" for safety of Britain
Alastair Campbell denies responsibility for BBC fire alarm
Blair: Unemployed migrants to stand in corner
DeadBrain's Oscars predictions for 2004
Blair introduces compulsory drug testing in Cabinet
Bush nominated for Nobel Peace Prize, plus other Iraq award nominations
Sad middle aged man in terror hoax
Alastair Campbell tipped to head new anti-crime agency
The Big Question: What should happen to the BBC?
Sceptics demand inquiry into Hutton Inquiry
Downing Street drafts clarifications of Blair's statements on Iraq
United Nations fact inspectors to be sent into USA and UK
Cabinet Ministers to be declassified
DeadBrain exclusive: Hutton to replace Dyke at BBC
Downing Street to deny pressuring Hutton to "sex up" report
Government to take revenge on BBC over Hutton
Hutton to head inquiry into Hutton Inquiry leak
Sun's Hutton leak accurate and unbiased - shock
Lord Hutton unveils 2004 Blafta Awards nominees
Hutton clears government, finds BBC guilty of murder, spin-doctors say
Hutton Inquiry rules on BBC "propaganda"
Howard pledges to outlaw waccy baccy, alcopops and Britney Spears
Blair released on bail after WMD hoax
Iain Duncan Smith offers Blair "ousting" counselling
The Big Question: Is there life on Mars?
Michael Howard to have cosmetic surgery
Unsavoury campaign to get more people frying
Date not announced for report into deaths of Iraqi civilians
Bush orders military occupation of the moon
"Royal" terror cell was active in Yorkshire, says US
Blair eaten for breakfast by Frost
Mixed reaction to new Civil Contingencies Bill
US to require urine samples from visitors
Blair pays surprise visit to traffic wardens
Blair to rejoin Labour Party
Prince Charles more popular than sex
Dubya's Week: Bush's New Year's resiglutions

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