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1st April
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Miliband: Is your neighbour living green? If not, punch or even kill them
Compulsory passport interviews: sample questionnaire revealed
A statement regarding current court action involving DeadBrain
Ahmadinejad: Cultural Learnings of Britain for make benefit glorious nation of Iran


BREAKING NEWS: Blair is first arrest as Britain's new 'FBI' is launched
Blair April Fool's prank "is real cause of Brown rift"
Bird Flu: Cabinet go into hiding


Exclusive: More secret Tory plans unveiled
PopeWatch: Broadcasters pray for quick death
PopeWatch: Bush nominates Jerry Falwell for Pope
PopeWatch: Fox call Pope
Clarence House issues clarification on Prince Charles's "bloody people"
Robert Mugabe returned to power in Zimbabwe
Monster Raving Loony Party 'targeted' as key Labour threat
PopeWatch: Tributes pour in
Legal challenge to prevent Pope's death fails
PopeWatch: Fox News personally confirms the Pope's death
New pope to be chosen by internet voting
Rant: The Pope, Schiavo and other tediousness
Exclusive: Royal wedding postponed again
Blair expresses interest as Dr Who replacement
DeadBrain unveils skateboarding election reporters
Election set for 5th May shock
Blair expresses interest as Dr Who replacement


White House damaged in Rice - Anti-Rice explosion
Hirst may sue school caretaker for copying his art
Argos chain to offer cut-price degrees
Buckingham Palace cancels Sun subscription
Dubya's Week: Don't mention the tank!
Expert: "Ludicrous" that Beckham used long words in statement


Satire website renounces satire, becomes Bush tribute site
Iraq complains of illegal American tactics
Iraq gun amnesty unsuccessful
Baghdad airport captured, tourists expected in weeks
Bush to visit Northern Ireland for peace/war talks


The Last Boat Race
Website joins Lib Dems
Announcements "a joke"
SPECIAL REPORT: Alliance Invades Country
Widdecombe Captured by Revolutionaries

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