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28th July
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Colonoscopy reveals Bush's brain
Plankton on alert as Sun publishes shark photo


Israel offers "five minute" ceasefire in Lebanon
UK adopts doctrine of disproportionality in domestic affairs
Iain Duncan Smith named 'greatest ever Briton'
Government to enforce happiness orders
Paedophile crackdown: Children to be banned from going outside
"Spanking" to be introduced to British legal system


'Secret messages' hidden in Harry Potter books
Bush appoints Mr Pastry as UN envoy


New Tory split emerges over Churchill reappointment
Bush "suddenly remembers" service in Vietnam
Dubya's Week: The Squirrels of Terror and the Presidential Nuts


Government outlines new citizenship test
Government again renews pledge to cut street crime
Comical Ali: Blair's son is dead
Blogger shocked to find he has no real friends
Judge jails entire Norfolk police force
"Evil Rapist" Leslie possibly not guilty
Bush and officials to take turns accepting blame for bogus uranium claim
Government pleased with new "unpowered" repatriation method
Union criticises first unpowered flight across Channel
US finds planes, battleships, soldiers buried in Iraqi desert
BBC to sex itself up


Shock as athletes test positive
Tories in shock revelation
Parties battle to be most inclusive


Mobiles "can cause severe injury"
Spoof investigation condemned
Things can only get better
New environment measures announced

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