EMF Protection

Best EMF Clothing 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If you’re searching for best EMF Protective Clothing you’ll already be familiar with the potentially harmful neurological effects of Electromagnetic Frequency Waves on your body.

Children in growth and development years, or even in the womb of pregnant mothers are especially EMF sensitive. Meanwhile ‘Electrosmog’ is invisible and all around us. This makes it extremely difficult to escape these waves and their effects.

So whether you work in a particularly high EMF exposure environment or if you or a loved one currently have higher than normal sensitivity to EMF Waves, Protective EMF Clothing is a great choice.

Protective EMF Clothing isn’t like ordinary clothing in many ways and is intended for the primary purpose of protection against invisible electromagnetic fields and waves. That doesn’t mean that EMF Clothing can’t be for the fashion conscious!

And in our selection of EMF Clothing, we’ve highlighted a bunch of EMF Clothing which deliver on the electromagnetic protection without too much fashion compromise.

Top 15 Best EMF Clothing Essentials for 2021

1 EMF Shielding Hat by Lvfeier

As EMF is particularly harmful to neurological function we thought we’d start with a piece of clothing for your head and work from head to toe!

So we start with this lightweight elasticated hat that’s more like a “beanie” than a cap – but the LVFEIER brand insist on referring to it as a shielding cap.

The cap offers a blend of material – the essential textile Elastane (75%) and the shielding material Silver (25%) this provides near perfect protection (99.9%) at up to 1.5GHz frequency.

This protects you for standard radio frequencies through to wifi, smart meters, mobile phones and many other Electromagnetic Emitting objects in and around your home.

Of course all appliances, electrical wires and transmission exchanges in your home and on your street are constantly emitting some form of electromagnetic frequency – so this cap is perfect for wearing indoors and outdoors.

Coming in sizes to fit children and adults, this cap offers protection from EMF for the entire family.

Features we love:

  • It’s machine washable!
  • Covers a huge range of electromagnetic frequency – one cap for all
  • Elasticated fit is really good and stays securely on throughout the day
  • Head doesn’t sweat like with other protective caps – the material is breathable

Features you may not love:

  • If you have a big head, this one may not be a perfect fit!

2 LVFEIER Radiation Protection Cap

If you were actually looking for a cap – or at least a more conventional looking Baseball cap to be EMF Protection for your head, then you’re in luck!

LVFEIER also have this EMF Blocking baseball cap in their range which does the trick – and is suitable for men or women.

Lads – that does mean you lady will be stealing yours.

Ladies – that does mean your fella will be adjusting this EMF Shielding cap to fit his head too!

Although the colour range is limited, the colours available do go with most outfits.

EMF Caps are great for use outdoors where the top of your head is continuously bombarded with electromagnetic waves from overhead powerlines and radiofrequencies travelling through the skies above and bouncing off houses and walls in built up areas.

3 EMF Protection T-Shirt – Unisex

Moving on from protecting your head from harmful electromagnetic waves, we next look at protection for your torso.

Of course a T-Shirt is a daily wear and should be a piece of clothing you can wash and wear repeatedly without losing any benefits of EMF Protection from the T-Shirt.

This unisex T-Shirt from BlocWave is a great choice for longevity – it comes in a bunch of different colours – and don’t worry guys, it’s unisex!

The fabric contains 50% silver, making this one of the most silver-dense EMF Protective T-Shirts on the market – yet the blend of fabric keeps it comfortable for daily wearing.

You get up to 65dB of shielding between 10MHz and 3GHz – and if you’re not sure what that means, you can be assured you’re covered for a huge range of waves.

BlocWave as a brand have some sticking power too – having been in EMF Protection business since 2004 – they must be doing something right!

Features we love:

  • Machine washable like an everyday piece of clothing
  • Ultrawide range of EMF waves being protected against
  • BlocWave is a brand that stands by their products and their customers

Features you may not love:

  • Limited amount of times that it can be washed without having an impact on protective qualities (says 30)
  • If you’re a EMF Conscious lady, the cut of the T-Shirt may not be as ladylike as you’d like!

4 EMF Protection T-Shirt for Women

This EMF Protection T-Shirt for women is great for layering providing you with protection underneath other clothing items.

Protecting your torso from harmful EMF especially when expecting a child is a very responsible action to take. Equally, if you’re not pregnant and you want to offer your vital organs, you heart, your lungs with EMF Protection then an Electromagnetic Shielding T-Shirt under your clothing provides jus that.

This Womens EMF T-Shirt from BlocWave is 90% cotton meaning it’s extremely wearable and durable. With only a 2% silver count it’s lighter on protection – but also longer lasting which might strike a nice balance.

Once again, BlocWave stand by their product offering free returns “no questions asked” so if you’re not happy with your purchase, you can go ahead and send it back. You can’t ask for fairer behaviour from a well established brand.

Features We Love:

  • Cotton content is high so it feels like an ordinary t-shirt
  • Can be washed many times without a degradation in EMF Shielding Properties
  • No questions asked returns by the brand

Features you may not love:

  • Lower range of EMF protection than other products available on the market (see their Unisex T-Shirt above)

5 EMF Protection T-Shirt For Men

This T-Shirt has a whopping range of 30KHz to 3GHz EMF Protection – it’s one of the best in the market in terms of it’s range.

The brand claims it can reduce EMF by 75% – so it’s not a 99.99% effective solution, but we believe it makes up for it with it’s vast range of coverage (it’s the editors choice for sure).

The lower level of protection is attributable to the lower silver count being only at 2%. But that 2% is used very wisely to provide you with as much protection across such a range of electro magnetic frequencies.

Being made of 90% cotton this T-Shirt is an everyday wear without a problem. Great as a top layer or used for layering with a sweater or jumper.

The breathability is one of the most attractive features of this T-Shirt. Being 90% cotton you can be forgiven for thinking you’re just wearing an ordinary t-shirt! But you’re not! This T-Shirt is everything but ordinary with the levels of protection against EMF it provides.

Features we love:

  • Wide range of protection against multiple Wave Frequencies
  • Breathability of the cotton – no more unnecessary sweating!
  • Can be washed up to 40 times without losing protection – but the breathability will cut down on washes required anyway!
  • No questions asked returns from BlocWave – established in 2004 (they must be doing something right)

Features you may not love:

  • Lower level of protection from waves – only at 75% (which is still high, but not as high as some competitor products)

6 Women’s EMF Protective Hoodie

We love a good hoodie.

And there’s a lot of good in this hood-ie!

We haven’t mentioned a lot about anti-microbial properties of silver to this point, but it’s worth mentioning now as we’re talking about a Hoodie which would typically be worn as a top layer of clothing exposed to daily life. Being anti-microbial, silver content of the EMF Protective clothing you buy (not just hoodies!) helps to keep them from becoming germy and dirty. This can also help reduce the occurrence of smells due to sweat – but it’s not a replacement for deodorant!

The silver content of this hoodie is big at 44% with a 99% shielding efficiency. This makes sense as an outer layer of clothing – and if you’re feeling really EMF Conscious wearing this EMF protective hoodie in combination with a lower Silver Content T-Shirt underneath would provide a widened range of protection against harmful EMF Radiation.

Although the silver content is high, this Hoodie is still 35% cotton so it can easily become a daily wear for you in and around the home.

This is a great buy for an expectant mum who’s spending extended periods of time at home around a lot of electrical equipment.

Features we love:

  • 99% Shielding at 43dB is about as much as you can ask for from a piece of clothing that looks and feels like a daily wear
  • No questions asked returns from BlocWave the brand behind this awesome clothing
  • 35% cotton actually feels more like 60% cotton when you’re wearing

Features you may not love:

  • Can only be washed up to 30 times without losing it’s EMF Shielding properties (but the anti-microbial effect of the silver content does help to counteract the need to wash as much)

7 Men EMF Shielding Hoodie

As with the Women’s EMF Blocking Hoodie above this EMF Hoodie comes with a 44% Silver fibre content and 35% Cotton – what does that mean?

This means you get a huge 99% EMF Shielding Efficiency at up to 43dB so you’re well and truly protected from EMF – including partially on your head and neck due to the hood!

2 piece of clothing in 1!

Better still for us brits, this one is actually made in the UK – which for us is a massive bonus to be supporting British Manufacturing.

The cotton content is still at 35% so this hoodie wouldn’t feel out of place for the daily use with complete comfort.

So you get protection from a whole range of electromagnetic radiation such as:

  • Wireless Fibre Internet (Wifi) Routers
  • Mobile Phones
  • Household Appliances
  • Powerlines and more

Features we love:

  • Made in the UK is great
  • 2 pieces of clothing in 1 as comes with the hood
  • Money back guarantee on the BlocWave range – no question returns which is awesome
  • Extensive shielding from a great range of frequencies

Features you may not love:

  • Only up to 30 washes before EMF protection is impacted (but this is largely the case for most EMF clothing)
  • 35% Cotton does make it breathable to a degree – but not as breathable as 60-90% cotton blends

8 BlocWave Men’s Hoodie – Extra EMF Protection

We thought BlocWave had pulled it off with the previous Men’s EMF Hoodie – but this one offers a whopping 65dB of RF and general EMF shielding.

That’s an extra 25 dB of shielding in comparison with the previous hoodie across a range of frequencies.

What’s the catch? I hear you say…

At 50% Silver the extra protection is coming from the increased Silver content but BlocWave also suggest that the way that this fabric is blended maximises the EMF shielding achievable with just 50% silver fibre content.

This doesn’t come with a compromise in the number of washes or in the feel and comfort. Being 45% Tencel you’ve not got the same soft touch feeling of cotton, it’s a more silky-soft fabric – something we personally like, but it comes down to personal preference on the feeling of the fabric.

Features we love:

  • Massive amount of electromagnetic frequency protection with a low(ish) silver count
  • Available in a few different colours to suit your style and preference (I’m a royal blue guy!)
  • The more silky feeling of the Tencel over cotton

Features you may not love:

  • Colouring can feel a little impacted by washing, but that’s overall because the weave of the fabric is effected by washing
  • Up to 30 washes before EMF protection wears off (seeing a theme here with most EMF Shielding Clothing)

9 BlocWave EMF Shielding Hoodie For Women – Extra EMF Protection

If you’re going to wear EMF Protection clothing it doesn’t have to come in the form of underwear, vests or just plain old EMF T-Shirts – and this EMF Blocking Hoodie for women proves just that.

With a blend of 45% Tencel, 5% Modal and 50% Silver (yes 50%!) you get a soft and silky feeling on your skin with a great big 65dB of EMF protection.

That means this Hoodie could be worn as EMF Protection over a standard cotton T-Shirt of Silk Blouse with no need for further EMF clothing on your torso. Of course if you want to, you could combine with another EMF Blocking piece of clothing – but this EMF Blocking Hoodie packs a punch!

BlocWave’s RF, Radiation and EMF Blocking technology is really at it’s peak in this Women’s Hoodie with just 50% silver content the achievement of 65dB of EMF Shielding is substantial – and we love it.

Features we love:

  • Silky feeling of the Tencel and Modal Blend (you forget you’re wearing EMF Shielding clothing!)
  • The fact we can wear an ordinary cotton t-shirt underneath because the EMF Protection is on the outside!
  • No questions asked returns if you’re not so sure about the fabric when it arrives

Features you may not love:

  • The Tencel fabric might not be for everyone, just as Cotton isn’t for everyone

10 Encounter Baby Radiation Protection Vest

“Encounter Baby” is the name of the brand – this isn’t a vest for babies to wear as you may have assumed!

Instead this is a protection vest for pregnant women to wear that emphasises high levels of EMF Blocking protection around your bump. Radiation can be extremely harmful to babies, that’s why Dr’s insist on not having X-rays during pregnancy.

Although less potent, other forms of more “household radiation” are no less impacting on child development in higher doses.

With so many electronic devices inside and outside the home, your body is continuously impacted by electromagnetic waves on a minute by minute basis. Unborn children rely on the womb for protection, but our bodies haven’t evolved to provide protection from the new dangers of the world around us.

That’s why a vest like this would make a great gift to an expectant mother (or to yourself!) as it’s a real show of commitment to providing your baby the protection in needs in today’s world.

Features we love:

  • The lattice construction of the vest means it will adjust as your body and bump grow whilst keeping 360 Degree Protection for your baby
  • The Fabric content has a seriously high density of silver and is split into outer and inner layers with sophisticated fabric weave for maximum EMF Clothing protection

Features you may not love:

  • The lattice construction can take a little getting used to, but it’s not that different to a particularly strappy top