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Best EMF Laptop Shields of 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

What is EMF Radiation?

EMF radiation of electromagnetic radiation is a type of radiation given off by many electrical devices. The full extent of EMF exposure on the human body aren’t fully understood yet. However, many theories suggest that they can lead to fertility issues and cancer, amongst other health issues.

Laptops are regularly close to people as they work. These produce EMFs and thermal radiation. This, combined with how they interact with WIFI (the effects of which are also poorly understood), make them potentially very dangerous.

What are Laptop EMF radiation shields?

A laptop radiation shield is simply a specialised pad that is placed between the laptop and the body. These shields then provides EMF radiation protection. These can come in the form of a laptop bag, laptop pad or tray.  Which one is best though?

What Makes A Laptop Shield Worthwhile?

There are plenty of options in the EMF radiation shield market. However, not all laptop shields are made equally. When searching for the product you will buy, you must choose one that’s effective in its job and practical in your day to day life. Doing your homework here is very important because if you buy an ineffective product you may as well have a pillow block laptop radiation. Consider some of the following points when buying a laptop shield:

Is it Effective at reducing Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure?

This is the most fundamental question to consider. There’s no point in buying a shield that doesn’t do its advertised job after all.

A good way of identifying whether one of these shields will be effective is to look at the materials it’s made from. If it’s little more than a piece of plastic then it won’t be effective. Additionally, a more reputable EMF radiation shield will likely be accredited by the FCC.

Best Laptop radiation Shield 2021


Laptops are supposed to be portable devices. As such a laptop radiation shield that is heavy and bulky defeats their purpose.

Many of the best laptop shields for this reason will also function as a carry case. These are designed to be as lightweight as possible without compromising on protection.

Is it also a heat shield?

EMF radiation is not the only way a laptop can be hazardous. The heat produced from everyday use can severely burn you over a long enough period of time. These burns can not only be very painful but also become cancerous later in life. 

Due to this, the best EMF protection products function as both a radiation and heat shield.

Protection from other kinds of radiation

Heat and EMF radiation are the two of the most commonly discussed health issues relating to laptops. However, Wi-Fi radiation, cellular radiation and Bluetooth radiation from laptops and other electronic devices may also lead to future health problems.

Due to this many of the best laptop radiation shields will be capable of blocking these. This is in addition to radiofrequency radiation and extremely low-frequency radiation.

Ease of Use

Your laptop EMF radiation protection shouldn’t make using your laptop any more difficult. As such assembly of any kind should not be necessary. It also shouldn’t obstruct any of the laptop’s functionality such as the trackpad or vents. 


These products do perform an important job. They are ultimately a shield though and shouldn’t cost you too much money. However, to get an effective laptop radiation shield you’ll have to spend a fair bit of money.

Build Quality

This is of crucial importance. Some products are poorly built and may lose their radiation protection capabilities over time.

A good indication of build quality is if the laptop shield in question boasts having multiple layers of protection.

Other types of EMF Protection

Having a laptop shield will protect you from laptop produced EMF. It won’t however, protect you from other sources of EMF radiation. These sources can range from your cell phone to even a Nintendo Switch Lite. 

Due to this reducing the radiation around you with low radiation cell phones. If you’re particularly concerned clothing that provides EMF radiation protection is also recommended.

Which is the Best Laptop Radiation Shield? – An Overview

Within the laptop radiation shield market are a multiple companies and products vying for your attention. Examples include the SYB laptop pad and the Defenderpad laptop EMF radiation shield. Which is right for you though can depend on several different factors.

Laptop Radiation ShieldRadiation BlockedSizes AvailablePriceBest Feature
DefenderPad Laptop EMF Radiation & Heat Shield98% effective for RF and ELF radiation. 99% effectiveness against 5G, Celular, Wifi and Bluetooth. Any size up 17”Starts at $114.99.Best All-rounder
SYB Laptop Pad98% effective for RF Radiation, 96% for ELF.  98% effectiveness against Wifi and Bluetooth.11”, 14” or 17”Starts at $102.47Lifetime Warranty
SafeSleeve EMF Protection Anti Radiation 15-16″ Laptop Case99% of EMF and heat.Up to 16”$99.95Best value for money
HARApad Edge Laptop EMF ShieldUnspecifiedOne Size Fits “Most”$205.06Best design

Which is the Best Laptop Radiation Shield? – An In-depth Analysis

The laptop EMF protection solutions mentioned above will all block radiation emitted from reaching your body. However, how well they do so compared to each other, along with their own individual selling points is what will really make them stand out.

Best Laptop radiation Shield 2021

DefenderPad Laptop EMF Radiation & Heat Shield

Defenderpad laptop radiation shields come in many shapes and sizes. Their manufacturer Defender Shield has a lot of experience in the EMF radiation protection industry. With the quality of this laptop shield, this is very clear. 

These products have all been rigorously tested and accredited by the FCC. Defender Shield is very confident in how effective their “ultra armor” technology blocks out 5G and other radiation sources. As such the results are publicly available on their own site.


The DefenderPad Laptop EMF Radiation & Heat Shield itself boasts a wide range of features. All of which make it an excellent choice for laptop EMF protection.

With dimensions of 15.9 x 0.2 x 11 the DefenderPad Laptop EMF Radiation & Heat Shield can effectively fit most sized laptops. Although 17” devices will have a slight overhang. Additionally, the ribbed rubbery finish on the protector’s surface keeps your laptop secure.

The rigorously tested and multi-layered “ultra armor” of the DefenderPad protects against EMF radiation in three different ways. These are by blocking, diverting and absorbing different forms of radiation. As a result, this like the prior Defenderpad laptop radiation is incredibly effective in fulfilling its purpose.

SYB Laptop Pad

SYP or “Save Your Body” is also known for producing a wide range of effective EMF shielding solutions. These range from laptop shields to baby blankets. Also like Defender Shield all of these products have been rigorously tested and accredited by the FCC. The results of these tests are available on the Shield Your Body website.

Another sign of the SYP’s confidence is their lifelong warranty for their laptop pad. Considering the nature of these kinds of products, that level of faith from a manufacturer can be only be seen as a ringing endorsement.


On the surface, the SYB laptop pad is a much simpler design than that of the DefenderPad. However there’s more going on with this laptop radiation shield than you may immediately realise.

An initial criticism of this device was that is quite small, with a maximum capacity of 14” devices. This has been addressed, however, with a 17” protector now available. An advantage of these two different size options is that you get a shield which more closely fits your device’s size. This allows for potentially greater portability for smaller devices or better protection for larger ones.

It is slightly less effective than the DefenderPad at reducing laptop radiation. Heat shield technology on the overhand is where the SYB Laptop Pad shines. This is because it is made of a mesh of ferromagnetic steel and aluminium plates. These do a great job of deflecting EMF radiation. However, they are also designed to conduct heat away from not just you, but also your device. This second point is of particular importance. Lower quality EMF shields can cause your device to overheat by deflecting heat back towards them.

The outside of this heat shield is wrapped with tear-resistant vinyl. This is only durable and easy to clean. Additionally, like the DefenderPad this provides a gripped texture to prevent your laptop from slipping. 

SafeSleeve EMF Protection Anti Radiation 15-16″ Laptop Case

This is the cheapest of the four products. This certainly isn’t because of build quality or effectiveness of its EMF radiation protection. It excels in both areas in fact. However, the greatest asset of this laptop radiation shield is its versatility.

Best Laptop radiation Shield 2021


The main feature which distinguishes the SafeSleeve is the three in one nature of its design. This makes it an effective travel case, desktop EMF shield and lap based EMF shield.  

As a travel case, it provides excellent protection to you from EMF radiation. It also keeps your laptop safe whilst on the move. This is due to the fact it is made specifically for both purposes. Additionally, this will shield you from ambient EMF radiation coming from the laptop.

When used on a desk the SafeSleeve provides excellent protection from EMF and extremely low-frequency radiation. It also containing a mouse pad as part of the design. This mouse pad can be used ambidextrously as the SafeSleeve works with either orientation. On your lap this mouse pad folds back into the shield to provide extra protection.

The only real downside to this laptop shield is the size. It is 16” which means it’s fundamentally incompatible with certain machines. Additionally, it has not been stress tested nearly as intensively as the prior shields.

HARApad Edge Laptop EMF Shield

The HARApad Edge Laptop EMF Shield is the most expensive option. However, this is due to it having a truly innovative design.

If budget is an important factor then this shield is best avoided. If not then the design of this shield alone is worth the asking price.


Other laptop shields will do an excellent job at protecting your lap. The issue though is that they pretty much only protect your lap. As a result, your stomach area is still exposed to EMF radiation.

The HARApad doesn’t have this issue, however. This is thanks to its innovative sleeve-like design. This covers the font and some of the top of your laptop without obstructing any keys.

HARApad’s Edge shield comes in two different variations:

  • Lap desk: This variation covers the trackpad but offers an an inbuilt mouse pad. The lap desk offers greater protection as a result. This is due to there not being a hole in the sleeve for the trackpad.
  • Lap pad: This variation has a hole for the trackpad but lacks the mouse pad. This offers somewhat less protection but is more convenient for travel.

Despite this innovation, there are some drawbacks. It is heavier than the other options presented. Three pounds isn’t a massive amount, but is certainly not insignificant. Additionally, the HARApad has not been stress-tested to the same level as the Defender Pad or SYB. Additionally, there are currently no details about how well it protects you.

Which Laptop Radiation Sheild Should You Buy?

Which laptop radiation shield you should get ultimately comes down to your own needs.

If budget isn’t an issue. You’ll want something innovative that potentially provides greater protection than all the competition. If so, the HARApad Edge is undoubtedly what you want. However, the unproven nature of the device might be too much of a gamble for some.

However, if your budget is tighter, you may want a multi-purpose product. If so, then you can’t go wrong with the SafeSleeve. The three in one design makes it ideal for near enough any context. However, the only thing that lets it down is that it isn’t compatible with larger laptops.

Best Laptop radiation Shield 2021

For reliability the SYB laptop pad is your best option. Its durable build quality, lifetime warranty and rigorous FCC testing make it dependable for a long time. The extra focus on heat shielding makes it particularly useful for those with higher performance machines.

Want the best all-rounder though? Then you want the DefenderPad Laptop EMF Radiation & Heat Shield. This EMF radiation shield offers the best-known protection as tested by the FCC. Its sleek and lightweight design also make it excellently portable. Additionally, the decent size makes it useable with near enough any laptop on the market.

Whichever laptop shield you choose, you’ll be better off than having none. Unfortunately the answer to the question of will a pillow block EMF radiation no. Unless that is you’ve managed to get your hands on some with EMF shielding.