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Best Low Radiation UK Mobile Phones 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide

One way to reduce EMF in your life without purely looking at EMF Protection is to reduce the EMF you’re exposed to by your electronic devices. It’s hard to avoid having a mobile phone, so we did a bunch of research to find the lowest EMF Mobile Phones UK Buyers can get hold of.

The number you’re concerned about when it comes to selecting a low EMF Cell Phone or low EMF Mobile phone is the “SAR” or the Specific Absorption Rate.

What is Specific Absorption Rate?

SAR is the measure of the rate of RF (radiofrequency) energy absorption by the body from the mobile phone. (All electronic devices have a SAR).

According to the FCC, reported SAR figures can be a little misleading as the reported numbers are based on the highest value attained during testing in it’s “worst case scenario” format. Therefore a mobile phone with a higher reported SAR can still provide lower exposure to RF in typical use by the user.

SAR is therefore a guide that’s worth paying attention to – but ultimately you need to consider the specific absorption rate in relation to the location of the mobile phone on your body. Typically, a mobile phone will either be to your ear on your head, or in your pocket. So the SAR numbers in these locations are the numbers you’re interested in – NOT just the overall Specific Absorption Rate reported for product compliance purposes.

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Our Recommended Low Radiation Mobile Phone

Blackview A60 Mobile Phone

Having researched several low EMF phones, this one comes out at significantly lower than many of it’s competitors. Although not the most well known mobile phone brand on the market, it operates on the familiar Android operating system. Check it out on Amazon

Other Lowest EMF and RF Mobile Phones we reviewed:

Samsung A10s Low EMF Mobile Phone