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Grateful British web users enjoy satire for first time

Billions of grateful British internet users enjoyed satire online for the first time today when writer John O’Farrell launched a spoof news website, the first of its kind in Europe. Across the UK, people ‘logged on’ to read articles of a hilarity never seen before outside a Brian Conley chat show.

“What a totally unique idea,” said Greg Mullet, a web user for seven years. “I’ve never seen anything like this before. All the time I’ve been using the web I’ve been looking for some place I could read spoof news stories. Thank goodness somebody’s finally set up a website to publish them.”

“I’d had a look at The Onion before but I didn’t really get it,” said Grimsby IT consultant Brenda Shuttleworth. “O’Farrell’s site is much funnier, and it’s British. I’ve never seen a British satire site before.”

“I’ve been making funny pictures in Photoshop for years – you know, Blair and Bush kissing, Tom Cruise burning in the fires of Hell, that sort of thing,” said Douglas Ramsbottom, a registered monkey polisher in Devon. “There’s never been anywhere to submit them to before for people to enjoy them. Maybe now this new website is here my life will finally be complete.”

Mr O’Farrell has now achieved hero status among web users, grateful to him for finally bringing some humour to an otherwise dull and entirely work-related internet. An international day of celebration is planned for early December, when webmasters across the world will redirect their homepages to Mr O’Farrell’s venture in a touching tribute to his genius.