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Pluto reclassified from dog to dwarf

There was fury at the Disney headquarters today that one of its most famous characters, Pluto, is not in fact a dog at all. The accusation came from a leading investigator, Douglas ‘Chips’ Ramsbottom, who made secret recordings of the character singing “High ho, high ho, it’s off to work we go.”

“Pluto is no more a dog than I am,” Mr Ramsbottom said. “He’s just a dwarf dressed up.”

The discovery will shock many generations of children and adults alike that have grown up with loveable Pluto since he was created in the 1930s. It is feared that many comic books will now need to be re-written.

At the High Court, Judge Gregory T Mullet heard evidence that the comical character should no longer be classified as a dog under the new Animation Classification Regulations 2006, which came into force this week.

Meanwhile, another animated favourite, Miss Betty Boop, was pleasantly surprised to find herself re-classified as a ‘Celestial Body’.

It is understood that some of the other characters, including Mr M Mouse and Mr D Duck (currently on holiday in Barbados), were unavailable for comment.